ERP + CRM + Logistics + eComm = EnZebra

Finally, connected services that manage enterprise operations from the supply chain through to the point of sales on any device.

Marketing & Sales

Research market, conduct sales training, qualify inbound sales leads (from web or other channels), and generate proposals and move through qualifying account processes.

Proposing & Delivering

Engage resources, assess and document needs, share proposals and obtain sign-offs.
Agree on pricing and manage payments and subscriptions.

Fulfilment & Logistics

Finalize Contract, orders are automatically added to production management where staff can be assigned to fulfill requirements. Suppliers can be engaged to fulfill needs to produce orders.


Integrated eCommerce for direct-to-consumer or wholesale arrangements.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

day-to-day business

Quickbooks / Sage integrated accounting,
HR & payroll, procurement,
Project & performance management and forecasts,
Risk management and compliance,
Supply chain and production management operations,
Inventory and asset management.


And powerful reporting enables businesses to plan, budget, and predict financial results.


Manufacturing is more complex, with multiple suppliers and vendors involved.

business-to-business (b2B) relations

A sale can take several months or longer to close and involve more steps in the process. EnZebra manages the business to business supplier and sales activities with:

Automated workflows to help sales reps manage their workloads and keep track of everything;
Supplier & Buyer portals including document management;
Forecast reporting to predicting customer behaviour and seasonal trends
Greater visibility into what stage of the sales funnel the prospect or lead is in quote management to provide a level of detail to prevent order mistakes


customer relationship management

Turn customers into fans! Increase sales, improve customer loyalty and streamline customer relations.

Customer relationship management improves overall satisfaction by providing a complete customer view is necessary for business success and growth. Develop a 360-degree view of the customer that you need to:

Personalize customer interactions
Track all customer interactions
Plan marketing strategies and product production goals

The Latest

Bragging Rights


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Build billboards you can wear.

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